Our brands are our best ambassadors. Each has its own history and all of them share the same values as Positive Brands.


An expert in the field of Plants, Sojasun offers a range of fresh desserts, ready meals, soya drinks…with a range of products made from whole soya beans grown in France and guaranteed non-GMO.

Launched in 1995, VRAI brand symbolises the company’s commitment to Organic Agriculture. Leader on the ultra-fresh organic market, VRAI offers a complete range of dairy products made from cow’s or sheep’s milk, combining organic and gourmet products…

Sojade offers a wide choice of products from organic farming and guaranteed GMO-free through a complete range of products made exclusively from soya and a range of products made exclusively from rice.
Products available in organic shops.

At Noyal-sur-Vilaine in Brittany, Petit Billy is made from whole goat’s milk, collected less than 70 km from the cheese dairy. As in the past, it is moulded by hand, using a ladle, to give it its unique texture. Easily recognisable, it is delicately wrapped in a chestnut leaf.

Grillon d'Or

With more than 100 references for the whole family, Grillon d’Or brings a smile back to the face of organic cereals for even more pleasure and enjoyment. Together, let’s cultivate the taste of organic!


Terres & Céréales

Since the creation of Terres & Céréales, organic cereals have been at the centre of our recipes and our approach. As genuine pioneer, the brand was one of the first to offer exclusively organic cereals, produced on our sites in Brittany and Normandy. Each of our products reveals the authentic flavours and huge diversity of cereals.

Tante Hélène

Tante Hélène is the leading brand for dairy product sales on the Organic network. Created in 1975, its products are still made in Brittany and Normandy in keeping with traditional methods, using 100% organic French milk collected from farms located close to production sites. Products available in organic and health-food shops.

La Bergerie

For 20 years La Bergerie has been offering you a complete range of authentic and delicious,healthy and organic sheep milk products.
We enjoy strong, long-term partnerships with our farmers.
The milk from the Lacaune sheep breed is organic, French and collected locally in Lozère and Aveyron.
On a human scale, our eco-designed production workshop is located in La Tieule in the “Les Causses & Les Cévennes” area that has been designated a UNESCO world heritage site. Products available in organic and health-food shops.

La Chèvrerie

La Chèvrerie offers goat milk products with all the nutritional and flavour qualities of goats’ milk. With rigorously selected ingredients, La Chèvrerie proposes an extensive range of plain and fruit yoghurts, fromage blanc and desserts and a cheese range. Products available in organic and health-food shops.


Bergerie offers you a range of organic products made with goat and sheep milk for export.

Petit Breton

Petit Breton is a traditional cheese, made in Brittany since 1921. This cooked, pressed cheese is cellar-matured. Fruity and full of character, it has a unique flavour. With its beautiful ivory colour, it has a soft texture and a clean cut.


Le Merzer is a genuinely low-fat cheese. Made using Breton milk of an exceptional quality, some of which is skimmed, it contains only 12% fats. From draining, to moulding in canvas moulds to maturing …each stage of production is carried out using traditional methods.

Fromagerie de La Houssaye

La Fromagerie de La Houssaye offers a range of Norman cheeses, mainly made using unpasteurised milk from Normande cows fed exclusively on grass and hay. Since 1810, the dairy has always strived to preserve the flavour and authenticity of its cheeses: Livarot AOP, Pont L’Evêque AOP, Deauville and Pavé d’Auge.

Hardy Affineur

Founded in Sologne in 1947, Fromagerie Hardy specialises in maturing AOP farm goat cheeses. From Selles-sur-Cher to Sainte Maure de Touraine, and including le Valençay fermier, or perhaps speciality cheeses such as le Cabri ou la Fleur de Sologne, all are matured with the same care and attention.

La fromagerie Segré

Fromagerie Segré embodies more than 100 years of cheese tradition around Selles-sur-Cher! Since 1910, in the heart of the Cher valley, Fromagerie Segré has been making AOP goat cheeses: the Selles-sur-Cher and the Valençay. The dairy combines tradition and modernity and has been awarded IFS certification.

Le Curé Nantais

The Fromagerie du Curé Nantais is located in the heart of the Retz region. The dairy’s story begins at the end of the 19th century in a little village on the banks of the river Loire. A meeting between a farmer and an ecclesiastic resulted in the creation of a cheese called “Régal des Gourmets”, or “Food Lover’s Delight”. It wasn’t until a few years later that the cheese was renamed “Curé Nantais”.

Fromagerie Jean-Yves Bordier

For 35 years Jean-Yves Bordier has been maturing his cheeses in 7 naturally reconstituted cellars to obtain optimum cheeses in terms of flavour and texture. His daily aim is to work with the finest milks using traditional methods and to ensure that this traditional world finds its place amidst the obligations of today’s world.

Triballat Ingrédients

A range of high quality, natural and useful ingredients for all your dietary and healthcare needs.


Nutrisun benefits from a research and development laboratory and a dedicated industrial tool. Its expertise is recognised in the development, mixing and packaging of energy gels and powders.