The user is informed that during visits to the website a “Cookie” (a small text file stored by the web browser on your computer’s hard drive) will be automatically installed.

They do not make it possible to identify the user, but are used to record information relating to the user’s navigation on the site.

Cookies are used to carry out analyses such frequency of visits, user numbers etc… in order to improve the quality of the site.

It is therefore necessary to authorise the use of Cookies for this site.

The Cookie expires at the end of the User session: information that has been collected is destroyed when the browser is closed.

The user is able to manage authorization for saving Cookies on their computer by configuring their browser as follows:

For Mozilla Firefox:

  • Select the “Tools” menu, then “Options”
  • Click on the “private life” icon.
  • Find the “Cookie” menu and select the desired options.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0:

  • Select the “Tool” menu, then “Internet Options”.
  • Click on the “Confidentiality” tab.
  • Select the desired level using the cursor.


The editor does not use any automated data collection process: cookies, java applet or active X